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JAVA Training in Chennai


Accord Info Matrix Offers Best Java/J2EE Training in Chennai. We offer Internships in Real-Life Business Applications of our clients. Students are given Practical Training in the below mentioned syllabus. The syllabus can be customized according to individual needs.

Core Java

Introduction to JAVA - OOPs & its Implementation using JAVA Programs - Classes, Objects, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Abstraction, Encapsulation - Fundamentals of Java Programming: Keywords, Data Types & Programming Constructs - Sample Applications - Fundamental Classes: Package Overview, String, String Buffer, Math Classes, String Tokenizer, Constructors &Finalizers - Arrays - Exception Handling Techniques - Reflections - Advanced I/O Streams: File, Byte Streams, Character Streams, Random Access File, Object Serialization - JDBC: Advantages, Database Connectivity Using SQL Server, Types of Drivers, Statements, Prepared Statement, Callable Statement, Result Set, Date, Time - Networking: Client & Server Sockets, Networking & I/O, Networking & Applet - RMI (Remote Method Invocation): Architecture, Registry, Server & Client Programs, Remote Interfaces, Objects & Methods - Multi Threading.
Collection Framework: Collection, Map, Date & Calendar, Enumeration, And Iterator - Applets: Applet Basics, Event Handling in Applets, Displaying Image, Playing Audio, Applet Interactions, Sample Applets - AWT - Swings - Building Stand - Alone, Windows-Based Applications Using Java.

J2EE - (JAVA 2 Enterprise Edition)

J2EE Overview - Definition - Application Development Trends - J2EE API & Technologies - Component & Container Architecture - Development & Deployment Lifecycle - J2EE Development Roles - J2EE Application Anatomies

Java Script:

Java Script Features - Data types - Functions - Classes - Prototype Methods - HTML Document Object Model - Event Handling - Accessing Form Elements - Form Validations


Web Applications - Servlet Request & Response Model - Servlet Mapping - Servlet Lifecycle - Scope Objects - Processing Client Data - HTTP Structure - Response Header & Body - Error Handling - State Management in Servlets

Java Server Pages (JSP)

JSP Lifecycle and Phases - Directives - Scripting Elements - Comments - Actions - Implicit Objects - Java Beans - Accessing bean properties - Sharing beans - Retaining form state - Writing custom tags - Servlet and JSP (MVC)

EJB (Enterprise Java Beans)

Architecture - Home, Remote & Local Interfaces - Stateful& Stateless Session Beans - Entity beans - Persistence Fields - Containers and Bean managed Persistence (CMP,BMP) - Application & Web clients - Packing & Deploying EJB applications and Enterprise applications - EJB QL (Query Language) - Message Driven Beans

XML (Extensible Markup Language)

Role of XML in J2EE - Understanding XML - Generating XML Data - Designing XML Data structure - Creating DTD - XML Parsers


Model View controller (MVC) Design Pattern - Model Components - Action Forms, Action Classes - View Components - Forms and Form bean Interactions - Presentation techniques - Controller components - Actions Servlet & Action mapping implementation - Handling input validation & Business Logic exceptions

Advanced J2EE


Introduction to Hibernate - Hibernate architecture and API - Object/Relational Mapping - Collection Mapping - Component Mapping - Hibernate Query Language (HQL) and Criteria Queries - Batch Processing and Native SQL - Caching Objects - Hibernate in web applications


Introduction to Spring - Spring Architecture - Dependency Injection - Aspect Oriented Programming - Model View Controller Framework - Inversion of Control Framework - Aspect Oriented Programming Framework - Data Access Framework - Transaction Management Framework - Remote Access Framework


Introduction to AJAX - Requirements - AJAX states - Properties - Methods - Programs - JSP with AJAX - DB with AJAX - XML with AJAX - Using the XMLHttpRequest Object - Sprinkle some AJAX magic in your Web Application!!